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Dr. Alan Scott Willis

About:  Alan Scot Willis is a professor of history at Northern Michigan University, where he has taught since 2001. He is the author of All According To God’s Plan: Southern Baptist Missions and Race, 1945-1970 and numerous articles, including entries in The Encyclopedia of Malcom X. His main focus is on the ideological relationships between race and religion. He has recently written on M. C. Allen, a religious black nationalists within the Christian tradition whose views paralleled those held by Malcom X.

Possible Topics: Malcom and Islam: from the Nation of Islam to Traditional Islam, Malcom and Africa, Malcom and the Interpretation of History

Travel: Dr. Willis is located in the Upper Peninsula and is willing to travel throughout the state based on availability.

Contact: To schedule an appearance contact Dr. Willis by Phone at  (906) 360-1657 and/or by email at awillis@nmu.edu.