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Touring Program Information

The Arts & Humanities Touring Program includes the Arts & Humanities Touring Grants and The Arts & Humanities Touring Directory. This program is the result of a partnership between the Michigan Humanities and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Each year the Touring Program awards hundreds of grants to schools and community organizations throughout Michigan to help underwrite the cost of bringing live performances/presenters and exhibits to classrooms, libraries and cultural events. Grantees select from a juried, online directory representing some of the state’s most talented performing and visual artists, authors and historians. The directory includes program descriptions, fees and contacts, and a short video of the performer’s/presenter’s program.

Eligible Applicants

The applicant must be a nonprofit organization, school or municipality in the state of Michigan. The performer/presenter or exhibit must be selected from the Arts & Humanities Touring Directory.

Grant Award/Project Period

The Council anticipates the next grant cycle for Touring Grants will begin November 7, 2018 with the opening of the application. The grant period will begin one month following the first day the application opens and extend through August 15, 2019. You can view the touring grant application here.

Grant Funding Information

Grant awards are funded in the order received. Touring grants fund up to 40 (forty) percent of the performers’/presenters’/exhibitors’ fees and travel expenses. Requests for a grant may not exceed $3,000 (three thousand) per application. An organization may submit up to 4 (four) grant applications in a grant cycle, however, the total of grant funds requested by an organization in a grant cycle cannot exceed $4,000 (four thousand).

Grant Application Requirements

Complete and submit the application with required attachments/uploads:

  • a signed contract between the applicant and the performer/presenter/exhibitor
  • proof of nonprofit status