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Ashley Ross
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Submit a title for the next Great Michigan Read

Do you have a recommendation for our next Great Michigan Read? We will announce the 2021-22 Great Michigan Read in spring, 2021, and begin meeting to determine the next selected title in spring, 2022.

We want to hear your ideas about books that meet all of the following criteria. A selected title should:

      • Prompt exploration of humanities themes that can help Michigan’s citizens understand and learn about their state, their history, and their society. As such, the book should be a Michigan story and must take place – at least in part – in the state.
      • Relate to contemporary life and spark dialog.
      • Contain themes which allow for the creation of dynamic and engaging public programming in a variety of settings with a range of statewide partners.
      • Interest and engage a statewide audience, young adults to seniors.
      • Remain mindful of multiple perspectives and highlight interdisciplinary connections.
      • Be reasonable in length.
      • Remain in print.
      • Be written by a living author.

Past selections and the accompanying materials can be viewed here.

Please share your recommendation via the form below, and we will send them to the regional committee chairs or co-chairs. Thank you!