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For Touring Grant Inquiries Contact

Estee Schlenner
Programs and Communications Coordinator
eschlenner “at” mihumanities.org or (517) 372-7770

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Post Award Grant Requirements

“Contract for Arts/Humanities Services”

  • The “Contract for Arts/Humanities Services” is attached to the award email.
  • The Authorizing Official listed in your grant application signs the “Contract for Arts/Humanities Services”. The contract is then returned to Michigan Humanities (MH).
  • Return the above signed contract to the MH within 30 (thirty) days of award notice. Send to eschlenner@mihumanites.org.

Promotional Toolkit for Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Program

  • The Promotional Toolkit for Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Program provides instructions and examples for meeting the grant promotional requirements. (The promotional toolkit is located on MH’s website under Grants than select the Arts & Humanities Touring Grants. www.michiganhumanites.org)
    • Provide/distribute promotional materials that acknowledges Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and MH support for the event.
    • Send thank you letters are to your state senator and state representative.
    • Include all promotional materials (listed above) as attachments with your final report.


Provide three to four digital photos of the performance and the audience reaction. Email photos eschlenner@mihumanites.org.

Grantee Final Report

Complete and submit the Grantee Final Report along with copies of the promotional materials used, copies of thank you letters sent to state senators and legislators, and digital photos to eschlenner@mihumanites.org within 30 (thirty) days of the last event date for your grant. (Final reports should contain information for each event date related to a single grant.)