Summary for IDEA Survey Results

In February of 2021, Michigan Humanities asked our community members to share their feedback regarding our efforts demonstrating Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) principles. Ninety-eight people filled out our survey and shared their invaluable insights on what we are already doing good and how we can improve going forward. We want to express our deep gratitude to all of you who filled out this survey and shared your wisdom with us.

Based on this feedback, the Michigan Humanities Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Council has already offered a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve our IDEA efforts. These recommendations will be reviewed by the Michigan Humanities Board of Directors and
will be implemented on a speedy timeline. To honor your feedback and demonstrate our commitment to honest communication with the Michigan Humanities community, we want to share a brief summary of what we found in the survey. Please see the survey highlights below.

Who filled out the survey?

58 percent of the survey respondents were past and current grant awardees, and event attendees. We also had a significant number of past and current board members, program partners, newsletters subscribers as well as our own staff. We had a good representation across regions in Michigan. Please see the map above.

Question 1: In your opinion, where in the following scale does Michigan Humanities’ work stand in regard to each one of the IDEA principles?

People ranked each IDEA principle somewhere between “good” and “very good.” Overall respondents felt that we needed to invest the most in improving our accessibility efforts.

Question 2: Please rate each of the Michigan Humanities Areas below in relationship to how they demonstrate IDEA principles

Most respondents rated our programs, grants, leadership and events somewhere between “acceptable” and “good” in how they demonstrated IDEA principles. At the same time, respondents expressed that the area of leadership needed the most improvement regarding IDEA efforts.

Question 3: What can Michigan Humanities do to improve how we demonstrate our commitment to IDEA principles?

To this open question, most respondents focused on the following items:

  • Michigan Humanities needs to focus on recruiting more Black, Indigenous and People of Color, individuals from different sexual orientations, lower-income and rural areas into the Board, committees and staff.
  • Include IDEA-minded goals into our strategic plan
  • Include rural communities into IDEA work.
  • Work on streamlining grant applications and provide grant-writing training to disadvantaged populations.
  • IDEA efforts need to be based on the systematic collection of data (i.e. know your constituents).
  • Practice frequent and transparent communication with the Michigan Humanities community.


The fourth question of our survey was another open question asking participants to share any other suggestions or comments. The items shared on this fourth question directly overlapped with what had already been shared on the third question, thus the above summary also
captures the responses to the fourth question. We hope that this summary honors the insightful comments and recommendations from our survey respondents and we look forward to working on each of the items listed above to make our work a more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible one!