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Dr. Mitch Kachun

About: Mitch Kachun is Professor of History at Western Michigan University, where he has taught courses in American and African American history since 2001. His research explores how African Americans during the 19th and 20th centuries used historical knowledge and public commemorations in their efforts to work for equal rights, construct a sense of collective identity, and claim control over their collective status and destiny in American society.

Dr. Kachun is author of two books, and co-editor of a third. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on topics including African American slave narratives; 19th century black transnationalism, emancipation celebrations, American responses to the Haitian Revolution, and Michelle Obama’s treatment in the American media, among others.

Dr. Kachun’s programs for the Michigan Humanities’s 2017–18 Great Michigan Read will explore the various historical contexts for key events and themes in the book X: A Novel, by Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon. Dr. Kachun’s PowerPoint-enhanced lecture of 30–40 minutes will set the stage for participants to share their observations and questions regarding those and other topics in a wide-ranging discussion of the novel and its historical connections.

Possible Topics: Great Migration, Marcus Garvey, Black Communities in the Urban North, Rights Activism, Popular Culture During the 1920s–1940s

Travel: Dr. Kachun is willing to travel throughout the state based on availability.

Contact: To schedule an appearance contact Dr. Kachun by emailing or calling 269-387-4634.