Grant Recipients


Arab Americans

Digital Detroit: Visual Stories of Migration, Immigration, and Displacement

Arab American National Museum

$25,000 • Dearborn/Detroit

Digital Detroit Stories is the result of a collaboration between the Arab American National Museum (AANM) and the Cultural Exchange network, a consortium of organizations housed in the AANM that represents the diverse communities of Detroit, including African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Arabs, Asians, and Europeans. Members of these communities were invited to tell their own stories of migration, immigration, and displacement—the theme of the project—and to share photographs and other significant documents. These stories and images were then compiled into “digital scrapbooks,” 3 to 5 minute videos assembled from the participants’ oral narratives and scanned images. Together, these individual digital scrapbooks make up a larger digital collection of community history that is now available to the public. Community members have been invited to watch these stories at a variety of outlets and events, including kiosks at the AANM, the ACCESS Main Office, the Community Social Services of Wayne County Main Office, and the LA SED Senior Center. The scrapbooks are also available on the Digital Detroit Stories website.


One of the kiosks where visitors to the Arab American National Museum can listen to and see stories from participants in the project.

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