Grant Recipients

Women’s History

Buckham Fine Arts Project

HerStory Project

$25,000 • Flint

The HerStory Project took place inside Genesee County’s short-term juvenile detention, GVRC. It was a collaborative arts and women’s history based project that built on the gender-based program for detained girls offered by the Buckham/GVRC Share Art Project over the past 4 years. Weekly 90-minute workshops introduced stories, poetry, prose, song, and choreography by or about women. These works served as a catalyst for students to develop and share their authentic voices, their creativity, and their personal narratives mainly through Spoken Word Poetry, but also through theatre and dance. Special attention was paid to identity-construction through the intersecting lenses of gender, race/ethnicity and class. Emphasis was also be placed on viewing the city of Flint, Genesee County, and the state of Michigan—past, present and future—through the eyes of women and girls.

The HerStory Project empowered young women to not only tell their unique histories and to connect with the history of their communities, but also to take ownership of their futures. Moreover, it aimed to promote a greater understanding about the experiences of incarcerated youth. Participants’ creative works were collected, edited and published in a digital ‘EBook’ and in paperback format.

All photos © Zackary Canepari

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