Grant Recipients

Native Americans

Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission

Fountain of the Pioneers Public Education Project

$22,434 • Kalamazoo

The project partnered with the Match-E-Be-Nash-E-Wish Band of the Pottawatomi Tribe to create engaging methods to present an accurate history of American Indian occupation of the region. The need for this interpretation stems from a controversial statue which depicts Euro-American conquest of the regions, without telling the Indigenous history of the site. Interpretation will be located in Bronson Park and at corners of the 1821-1829 Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish reservation where Kalamazoo now stands. With Next Exit History internet mapping the Pottawatomi’s own words and images will tell their story of Euro-American betrayal, resistance to removal, cultural re-engagement and community stewardship.

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