Cajun Band Feufollet in Concert

This young and vibrant Southwest Louisiana band takes Cajun, honky-tonk, and string-band music as their starting point, and keeps an open mind about where their song craft will lead them. The five members of Feufollet play fiddle, guitar, accordion, upright bass, and percussion. Many of their songs are in Cajun French, reflecting their bilingual upbringing in Louisiana.

The CAAC manages the 1888 Opera House, which is owned by the City of Cheboygan, where it presents a year-round series of performance events. The event by Feufollet advances our mission of bringing to our rural area nationally-recognized musicians who represent the diversity of American folk genres.

The Mission of the Cheboygan Area Arts Council is to promote and encourage cultural and educational activities within the Straits Area of Northern Michigan, and to provide services that stimulate and encourage participation and appreciation of the arts within all segments of the community and to showcase the historic Cheboygan Opera House.

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