Beyond the Book with Nathan Wright – Anishinabek Herbalism of the Great Lakes

Join Indigenous Herbalist and Herbal Lodge Owner Nathan Wright as he takes us on a journey through the historic use of trees and plants by Indigenous peoples in Michigan. For centuries, these plants have played a vital role in sustaining and nourishing Indigenous communities throughout the year. Nathan will guide us through each season, sharing how different plants were used for various purposes such as shelter, transportation, and food. We will also learn about the significance of different moons in the Indigenous calendar and how they relate to the use of certain plants.

In addition to sharing ancient knowledge, Nathan will also bring us into the present by discussing how his ancestors’ sustainable and herbal practices could be utilized today as a model, by choosing to utilize sustainable resources in our everyday lives. He will share insights on growing herbal plants in our own yards and using them to improve our overall well-being. From immune-boosting herbs to pain and nerve-relieving plants, Nathan will cover a range of topics that can benefit our health. To further enhance our learning experience, Nathan will provide samples of herbal teas and showcase some of his own herbal products. Learn more about Nathan’s work at

Funding for this program was provided by Michigan Humanities – Great Michigan Read Grant. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of Michigan Humanities or the aforementioned entities.

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