Beyond the Book with Nathan Wright – Land Back: Our Teachers, Our Truth, Our Connection to Mother Earth

Join Indigenous Herbalist and Herbal Lodge Owner Nathan Wright as he discusses our connection to Mother Earth through nature. Have you ever wondered about the strong bond Native Americans have with their land? What is Land Back and why is it so important? Whether you are a gardener, naturalist, wild forager, or herbalist, this event will deepen your connection to the land and provide a better understanding of the first peoples of this land. Nathan will weave in his experiences as a wild forager, cold water enthusiast, and water protector to create a self-awakening experience for you. This class will open your senses to a whole new level and allow you to tap into a connection you never knew existed. So come join us on this journey to discover and honor our connection to Mother Earth. Let Nathan guide you as you learn, grow, and respect the land that sustains us all. Learn more about Nathan’s work at

Funding for this program was provided by Michigan Humanities –Great Michigan Read Grant. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of Michigan Humanities or the aforementioned entities.

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