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Dr. De Witt S. Dykes, Jr.

About: De Witt S. Dykes, Jr. teaches African American History, American History, history of African American Women, history of the Civil Rights Movement, African American Urbanization, history of American Families, and history of American Cities at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.

Dr. Dykes was the featured speaker in the “Black Family Life Lines” Genealogy Seminar sponsored by the National Council of Negro Women in seven cities in the Summer of 1992. He received the Lucy Mary Kellogg Award from the Michigan Genealogical Council for contributions to teaching, researching, and publishing family history and genealogy in 1996. Dykes has served terms as Vice President, History, and as Historian for the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, a national organization headquartered in Washington, DC. Dykes was a co-founder and served as the first President of Detroit’s African American Genealogy Society, the Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society. Dykes was also a co-founder and President of the Michigan Black History Network. He is currently doing research for a book on the History of African Americans in Michigan.

Possible Topics: Malcolm X: Three Lives: Social Rebel, Religious True Believer, and Cosmopolitan Citizen.

Travel: Dr. Dykes is willing to travel throughout the state based on availability.

Contact: To schedule and appearance contact Dr. Dykes by emailing dykes@oakland.edu or calling 248-370-3522 or 248-370-3510.