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Bridging Michigan Grants Publicity Requirements

Congratulations on your recent grant award! This document will remind you of the importance of promoting your grant-funded project to your community, legislators, media and friends of your organization. If at any time you need assistance while fulfilling grant requirements, please call the Michigan Humanities at (517) 372-7770.

As stated in your grant contract, by accepting these funds you agree to include the Michigan Humanities and National Endowment for the Humanities logos and credit in all publicity and programming materials. In addition, mention of funding from MH should be included in speaking engagements and discussion with the media.

Notification of Project Activities and Publicity

In your grant contract, it states “… the Project Director will inform the Michigan Humanities office regarding the date of project events. When possible, such notification should be given well in advance.” MH needs this information for a variety of purposes:

  1. The Michigan Humanities publicity efforts
  2. Online calendar of events
  3. Newsletter calendar of events
  4. Electronic newsletter
  5. Press releases
  6. Other media events & contacts
  7. The Michigan Humanities may invite its board members to attend project events
  8. The Michigan Humanities has reporting requirements to the NEH, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and other organizations

There are the detailed publicity instructions, a sample letter and invitation for U.S. Congressman and Senators.  Save this file for reference.

You may submit event information to Jennifer Rupp, Chief Impact Officer: jrupp@mihumanities.org.

Photo Submission

Please remember to submit photos of your grant-funded programs to MH, with photo credit and captions if necessary. MH uses the photos in its newsletters, publicity materials, social media postings and annual reports. Submission in photos is vital to sharing our story of Michigan humanities. Photos may be submitted to Jennifer Rupp, Chief Impact Officer: jrupp@mihumanities.org.

Credit in Publicity to the Michigan Humanities and National Endowment for the Humanities

On the front page of the grant contract it states all projects are to use the Council logo on all materials. In addition, on page 3, it states “the grantee agrees to appropriately feature in any publication pertaining to the project that: _________ is made possible in part by a grant from Michigan Humanities, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.” The contract also states that NEH and the Michigan Humanities should be referenced in all publicity materials (including websites), and that the Michigan Humanities should be mentioned in spoken remarks of all project events.

To assist in giving credit to Michigan Humanities, the Michigan Humanities logo is available on the MH website in high-resolution color and black/white format (www.michiganhumanities.org/publicity). If you need technical assistance with the logo, please contact Jennifer Rupp, Chief Impact Officer: jrupp@mihumanities.org. DO NOT CHANGE THE LOOK OF THE LOGO (do not stretch it out or change its colors).

Invite Your Legislators

The Michigan Humanities is the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. As such, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that for all project-related events you take the time to drop an invitation in the mail, or via fax, to your Congressperson and U.S. Senators. Whether you think they can attend the event or not, advising them of programs in their state or district is beneficial and noteworthy. If you need assistance with legislative addresses or contact information, please contact the Michigan Humanities Communications Officer.

Send a letter of thanks to U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senator

Again, as the Michigan Humanities is the state affiliate of NEH, it is also STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you send a thank you letter in the mail, or via fax, to your Congressperson and U.S. Senators. This is to inform legislators where taxpayer dollars are going, their purpose, and to inform them of the value of Michigan Humanities-funded projects.

sample letter and invitation are attached. If you need assistance, please contact Michigan Humanities Communications Officer. Please send a copy of your letters to the Council – these letters are presented to members of Congress in personal visits by the Council every year.

Why do we need your help to include Michigan Humanities credit?

The Michigan Humanities relies on a combination of public and private funding to make grants available to nonprofit organizations. By helping to promote the Council and your organization, you are not only assisting our mission by helping to increase our visibility and our potential for future revenue sources, but you are also creating support for your organization. The more revenue sources, the greater our ability to fund more cultural programs in Michigan and in your community.

MH Communications Contact

If you require any assistance in helping to develop publicity materials or to market your project/activities, please feel free to contact the office.

Michigan Humanities
2364 Woodlake Circle Suite 100
Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: 517-372-7770
Fax: 517-372-0027