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Arts & Humanities Touring Program

Touring ProgramThe Arts & Humanities Touring Program, a joint collaboration of the Michigan Humanities Council and Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, is a one-stop resource for many organizations looking to hold public arts and culture events. Michigan nonprofits can apply for Touring grants to host humanities programming featuring members of the Directory.

Arts & Humanities Touring Grants

The Arts & Humanities Touring Program awards grants to help support the fees and expenses of touring performers, artists, exhibitors, and humanities presenters listed in Michigan’s 2015–2018 Arts & Humanities Touring Directory.

The Touring Program grants are available to Michigan nonprofit organizations who may request up to 40 percent of presenters’/exhibitors’ fees and travel expenses.  Request for a grant may not exceed $3,000 per application, and an organization may not submit more than four (4) grant applications or request more than $4,000 in a fiscal year (November 1 – October 31).

As of March 29, 2018, all of the monies have been awarded so check back next cycle.

2015-18 Arts & Humanities Touring Directory

Welcome to the current edition of Michigan’s Arts & Humanities Touring Carol Johnson 2Directory. The 116 featuring offerings represent some of the state’s most-talented performing and visual artists and humanities presenters. The directory offers performers and presenters the opportunity to present their work throughout the state through work with nonprofit recipients of the Touring grants. The directory is updated every three years and the process includes formal adjudication of the presenters and performers by peer-review.

The directory listings include program descriptions, fees and contact persons. Although fee rangers are referenced, they are negotiable. Program planners must contact the person identified by the performer or presenter to discuss all listed information.

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A listing in Michigan’s Arts & Humanities Touring Directory is not an endorsement by the Michigan Humanities Council or the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, nor are the councils responsible for program content and/or incorrect information.

Publicity Requirements

MHC requires each grant recipient to include reference of support from the Michigan Humanities Council and Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs in all press releases, publicity materials, discussion with the media, and verbal acknowledgement at events. The file below includes information on publicity requirements as well as sample letters to legislators.


If at any time you have questions or need assistance, please contact Jennifer Rupp, Policy and Program Officer, at jrupp@mihumanities.org or (517) 372-7770.



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